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Employee Spotlight

Liz Ketchum, Director of Healthy Teens For A Better Mississippi 

It is an honor to serve as the State Director for Healthy Teens for a Better Mississippi (Healthy Teens).  This role has allowed me to work with the greatest people at Families First for Mississippi organization.  The success of Healthy Teens is owed to the collaboration and hard work of the Families First team.  Healthy Teens has allowed me to not only meet the most amazing teens across the state, but also their parents, teachers and administrators.  


The support of these groups is what has allowed us to spread our positive message.  Healthy Teens had over 5,000 youth attend our Healthy Teens Rallies last year.  We are excited to be planning our next rally in Hattiesburg, MS on October 18that Reed Green Coliseum on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi, and our February 28thrally in Greenville, MS at the Washington County Convention Center.  


Healthy Teens has 58 brilliant teens serving on the Governor’s Healthy Teens State Council.  These teens are advocating and educating in their schools and communities for their peers to make good decisions.  Each month, Healthy Teens is raising awareness through monthly campaigns and activities in schools and communities.  We are also working hard to spread the Healthy Teens message though our “Connect with Us” social media campaigns.  In March, Healthy Teens launched the Healthy Teens Mississippi App. The App contains a wealth of information on issues that are important to teen health and development.  The Healthy Teens App is a valuable resource for teens, parents, schools, and health organizations.  

In addition to serving and working with Healthy Teens, I am the wife of Brian Ketchum and the mother of two beautiful daughters, Taylor (16) and Kinslee (12).  Taylor is a junior at Ripley High School, and Kinslee is a 7thgrader at Ripley Middle School.  Raising two daughters, I fully understand the impact that a positive message can have on young people and their decision making.  It is organizations like Families First that are ensuring not only my children, but all children will have a better and brighter Mississippi.    

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