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Celebrating Father’s Day
By: Jenny Cox Holman

On Father’s Day, we celebrate those men who have loved with determination and devotion, offered strength in the face of sorrow, and remained a steady source of encouragement to their children and family. Be encouraged by these words of wisdom and moments of sentiment and tips for the fatherhood journey, shared from the perspective of three fathers: Frank Wynn, father of Caleb (17), Erin (12), and Blake (8);and Donte Jones, father of Aiden (11 months old); and Eric Beamon, fatherto Callie Arie (2).


  1. Take time to cherish those simple moments with your children


The quote, “The days are long, but the years are short,” speaks eloquently to the journey of parenthood. Daily mundane tasks, busy family schedules and the basics of taking care of a family are strenuous. Among all the busy moments, it is important to remember that children grow up quickly and these days become a memory. 

Donte Jones said, “As a father, I would tell other first-time fathers to take it one day at a time. It’s all about balance from your work, home life, spouse, and spirituality. Fatherhood allows you to have the opportunity to shape, direct and guide your children.”


Frank Wynn said, “Enjoy every moment. Children grow up fast and being there to witness their first steps, first words, and first days of school is priceless. Make those lasting memories. People never forget their childhood, so give your children something good to remember!”


Eric Beamon said, “As a father provide security to your children by showing affection, giving words of affirmation, and simply loving them daily.”


  2. Fathers, your presence matters!


With commitments to the daily tasks on the weekday to-do list, time is stretched and strained to get everything complete. Make it a priority, though, to be present and purposeful with your time with your children. Your presence shows your children that they matter and you are interested in making memories together.


Frank Wynn agrees, “Being there and being available is what children really want. I am there for each moment my children need me and even when they don’t. My children are happiest when I am there with them.  That is all they know and what they expect.  


Eric Beamon said, “The advice I would give a new father would be to step up to the plate and be a dad, because you matter. Always make your child a priority and remember that a paycheck doesn’t equal love. I can’t stress this enough, but please respect the mother of your child. Children need security, protection, and to know that they are loved; so hold, talk, and play with your child.  Being a father isn’t easy, but stay encouraged and seek help.”


  3. When difficult times come, find comfort in a community.                                                                                                                                                        

Life is full of beautiful joy-filled moments such as the birth of a child and also difficult times filled with sorrow. There will be roads in the journey of fatherhood that may seem overwhelming and hard to bear. Know that you are not alone and take comfort in the support of those around you.

Donte Jones and his wife Vonekia, who have been married for 14 years, waited 13 years before starting a family. Donte said, “Like most parents in our generation we pursued advanced degrees, started our careers, got established, and traveled extensively before having children. We welcomed our son, Aiden Rafael Jones on June 27, 2018.”


Donte recalls, “Even though no complications were found throughout the pregnancy, my wife ended up having to have an emergency c-section. Aiden was born gray and not breathing and my wife lost consciousness while on the operating table. Vonekia and Aiden were both stabilized and placed in ICU. After Aiden arrived at BatsonChildren’s Hospital,the doctors told us that based on his condition/symptoms, they needed to do further tests to determine his condition. The tests revealed that he was born with Choanal Atresia, which is a very rare condition: 1 in 6000 children are born with this. His nasal passages were blocked with tissue on both sides, which prevented him from breathing. Aiden had three surgical procedures to his nose and had to stay in the NICU at Batson Children’s Hospital for 28 days before he was released from the hospital.” 


Donte graciously shares the story of the birth of their son with hopes to encourage others that God will put the right people in their path to help during times of need. “We are extremely grateful to people for their prayers and comfort during our time of need.We give all the glory and honor to God for bringing us through this situation!”


  4. Find a source of inspiration from those who have made a difference in your life.


Encouragement and support from those people who have been an inspiration in your life can become a source of wisdom and strength for the journey of fatherhood. Take each day one day at a time and rely on guidance from loved ones and friends. They can share valuable advice on parenthood.


Frank Wynn said, “My father, Frank Wynn, Sr., was my inspiration.  He was a single father of six children and he demonstrated to me what being a father really looks like.  Most of what I do as a father is because of him.”  


Eric Beamon said, “My family is my inspiration. I see my mother. She shows concern and love, fearlessly. It is so empowering how she makes efforts to grow: professionally, emotionally, and mentally. She isn't afraid to show her flaws and express her love. She is open-minded. As I'm growing older, I'm seeing bits of her in myself. I see my father. He's so excited about his work. He wants to grow each day. He encourages me too. We may disagree on a lot of issues, but at the end of the day, I take his views into account always.”

Donte Jones said, “My parents, Lorenzo and Delois Jones, who have been married 40 plus years, serve as my inspiration and source of strength.” 


  5. Your children will always remember the foundation of love you gave them as their father.                                                                                          

A lasting home is built with a strong and enduring foundation. As a father, you should be building in your children unshakeable character, strong moral convictions and a security to love and be loved.


Eric Beamon said, “I enjoy being able to raise my daughter daily with my wife Danyelle Chantese. The joy and satisfaction I receive from my daughter based on my contributions in her life is so rewarding.  The greatest legacy I hope to leave for my family and friends will be quality time. Time allows so many opportunities to show and tell just who I am and what is important to me such as my values, and more importantly my faith.”


Donte Jones said, “I hope my family remembers me by these simple words: leader, provider, protector, and possessed integrity.”


Frank Wynn said, “I enjoy creating special moments with my children. I enjoy being silly, dancing, and singing with my children. I hope to be remembered as a dedicated, fun, and loving father.”

The Jones Family

The Beamon Family

The Wynn Family

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