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Early childhood education encompasses a critical stage of human development from birth through age eight, that forms the foundation for a child’s future health, well-being and learning.


Families First for Mississippi works directly with the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) and the Mississippi Community College Board to support families across the state of Mississippi in the area of early childhood services.  Early childhood services consist of supporting parents and caregivers to identify high quality childcare services and learning experiences.  Mississippi Early Learning Standards and Guidelines have been revised and updated to ensure that childcare providers have up-to-date and research-based resources for use in individual childcare centers.  The Mississippi Early Learning Standards and Guidelines are comprehensive and describe goals for children from birth through age four. The Mississippi Early Learning Standards focus on cognitive development which includes literacy, mathematics, science and social studies.  In addition to the cognitive areas, the Mississippi Early Learning Standards support a play-based approach to learning that includes social, emotional and physical development in children.  Families First for Mississippi is a partner in the Early Childhood Cross Agency Collaborative along with Head Start, the Mississippi Department of Education, Mississippi Department of Human Services, Mississippi Community College Board, and the Mississippi State Department of Health.  


Early Childhood support through Families First for Mississippi includes:


  • Training and professional development sessions for parents and childcare providers

    • Click here for training sessions provided at our Families First for Mississippi Centers.

  • Providing access to instructional resources (books, toys, games, etc.) for checkout by childcare providers and parents.

    • Click here for a list of instructional resources.

  •  Supporting the implementation of the newly revised Mississippi Early Learning Standards and Guidelines.  

  • Defining characteristics of high-quality childcare services.

  • Accessing the Mississippi Department of Human Services Childcare Resources
  • Providing customized support through the Early Childhood Academy​​

    • The Early Childhood Academy Mission Statement: The mission of the Early Childhood Academy is to provide ongoing high-quality technical assistance and professional development to child care providers and families through resource and referral services to ensure a nurturing learning environment that promotes readiness.

    • Early Childhood Coach and Professional Development Specialists are located throughout the state of Mississippi and work directly with child care providers and families to provide customized support. A listing of training and professional development offerings can be found here.  Contact the Early Childhood Academy location near you for specific times and dates for each training session. 


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