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PACT-Time: Parent and Children Together Time

Families First has implemented the nationally recognized PACT-Time model within our centers located across the state as a part of the Gen+ approach to family stability.

Mother’s Day, a day each year designated for us to carve into our day a time of reflection and appreciation for our own mothers, as well as those that have served like mothers in our lives. We pause to think about how our mothers have shaped our lives, the sacrifices they’ve made, and the lessons they’ve taught. We reflect on their selflessness and charity; their tenderness and care; and their unwavering strength and love. Mother’s Day is a day we celebrate the blessing of having someone in our lives that loves us unconditionally and continues to mold us and model for us a servant in the home and community. As we reach out to recognize and love the mothers in our lives today, we remember the ones that have gone before us, those that remain a part of us still. Most all of us have been blessed by a mother, or someone like a mother, that with on Mother’s Day we can share our thanks and show our gratitude.


As I reflect on Mother’s Day, I am struck by just how much being a mother really means. We understand it to be rearing children with care and affection. While this purpose is true, a mother’s love for her children is insurmountable. This love is strong, steady, and sincere. Being a mom is a blessing of immeasurable joy and at times, overwhelming emotion. This calling isn’t easy but proves over and over to be one of immense fulfillment and joy. Functioning on little sleep, no meals, and no showers is not ideal. However, hearing a baby laugh, snuggling in for a bedtime story, witnessing achievements and reaching milestones makes those less than perfect circumstances worth it. Not only does this cause us to be grateful to our own mothers, but be grateful for the gift of being a mother, or a mother-figure, in someone’s life.


In recent years, I have seen the role of mother’s change considerably. As moms take on greater roles and responsibilities within the home and in the community, it is important to maintain focus on the role of mom. Families First has implemented the nationally recognized PACT-Time model within our centers located across the state as a part of the Gen+ approach to family stability. PACT-Time or Parent and Children Together time, models positive parent-child interactions. The primary goal is to enhance and enrich the relationship of the parent and child by encouraging parents and children to talk, share, play, laugh, cooperate, and learn together.Families First wants to help parents understand the importance of PACT-Time and develop skills that support quality one-on-one time with their children at home.


Parents want happy, healthy children. PACT-time is a building block in reaching that goal.  It helps parents focus on the needs of the child by focusing on activities that support development. Some of a mother’s first memories made with her children come as they develop new skills and reach necessary milestones in development. Proud memories continue to be made as children grow and acquire more abilities and develop their talents. Parents have an immense impact on their children’s success in education and life.  PACT-time provides parents with essential skills to support that end.


Children require attention, support and affection from their parents. Among the many distractions that steal our attention, PACT-time serves to help parents re-center and focus on the intentional contact that help their children the most. It provides parents and children the opportunity to interact as a family unit in a supported environment where children’s interests and preferences drive the activities. This focused time together cultivates the relationships between fathers, mothers, and their children that will impact them for their whole life.


Mother’s Day, a day of celebration, gratitude, and appreciation to the ones that stayed up late to watch us fall asleep, that held our hand when we were scared, that walked us to school on the first day, cheered at every game, and prepared a home-cooked meal when we came home from college. Mothers, whether by birth or by choice, impress upon our hearts their decision every day to love, nurture, and give their time and energy to someone other than themselves. Families First exists to encourage and support the many ways in which a mother can serve her family and strives to foster the familial bond that makes Mother’s Day so special each year.




Take some intentional time to be with family.  

And, let them know you love them and thank God for them.  

Thanks Mom!

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