The Families First program strengthens families of all backgrounds and life circumstances by providing abstinence-until-marriage/youth development and parenting education through seminars, workshops, classes and presentations.    

We reach out to families because we believe that family is the first and foremost priority. Our goal is to help parents build positive, rewarding and satisfying relationships with their children.

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Welcome to Families First For Mississippi!

Services & Programs Available
Families First for Mississippi provides and promotes services to families and communities accross the state:
Referral information and resource assistance to families
Youth Development
Abstinence-Until-Marriage Education
Parenting Skills Classes
Families First For Mississippi provides 
classes, workshops, presentations, 
outreach activities, support groups and peer mentoring programs to our youth.  
The  Abstinence Education program 
provides A-H compliant recognized curriculum. Families First also provides life skills programs, character education, peer mentoring and youth development 
programs in regular school settings, 
after-school programs, and faith-based organizations.

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Community awareness of healthy familiy development
Fatherhood Initiative
Healthy Marriage Initiative
Financial Skills
  • Healthy Marriage
  • Fatherhood
  • Anger Management
  • Financial Skills
  • Parenting Skills Classes

  • Bullying
  • Alcohol & Drug Awareness
  • Abstinence-Until-Marriage
  • Character Education

  • The parenting class schedule varies, depending upon location. Please call your local office to obtain your regions schedule.

Youth Development 
News & Media Events
1430 Lelia Drive  Jackson, Mississippi 39216
Call Today (877) 826-8631
Parent Education
Families First For Mississippi partners with the Mississippi Department of Human Services.

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The Non-Custodial Fatherhood Program has recently been added to the listing of Families First For MS programs and services. For more information on the program, please click on the link below: